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Are you price sensitive? I get that.

I come from a consulting (not transactional) background. I am not trying to sell you on stuff you don’t need. My method starts by looking at your goals, audience, the reactions you’re looking to get, your budget, and the time-frame.

Depending on the services you require, there are four main ways I do business: Project-based, Retainer, Long Term Partnership & Pro Bono.


Projects consist of a flat rate based on an estimated number of billable hours. Payments are always 50% down payment, and the remaining upon completion. (Plus or minus 5-10% depending on actual billed hours.)

Do you prefer some real figures?. Why not request a proposal? I am NOT the cheapest, but my pricing is more than fair. Only after analyzing all your data — I will offer you the services you need.


My retainers are always hour based. I start by estimating the average number of hours a client needs over a contract period. Next, I offer a discounted hourly rate (half my project rate). After basic math, we arrive at a flat, monthly retainer, unused hours’ roll-over to the next month. If you need more hours, you can buy them at a regular rate.


If you are wondering why you haven’t heard of me before, it’s because I work a lot through a network of partner agencies. They bring a great understanding of their clients and respective industries. I supply the strategic, technical, and creative talent and wrap it all up under the brand of my partners. So, you’ve never heard of me before, but you have seen my work for sure.

Pro Bono

I enjoy using my expertise to help a good cause or organization in the community — it is good karma. If there is a worthy cause, I am always on the lookout for one I should get involved in (must be non-political and non-religious).

To be clear, I do not accept any requests for free work. I am sure you don’t either.

Here are some of the services I provide:

Web Design & Development

A beautiful website is purposeful—it understands user goals, speaks in their voice, and works flawlessly on any device. Good web design changes lives. Don’t wait — create your company`s website that is easy-to-use and has the end-users’ goals in mind.

Full list of web design & development services

Graphic Design & Branding

Good creative design is almost invisible. It creates an emotional reaction the instant someone discovers your brand. Every color, font choice, layout line, pixel are specifically designed to elicit the desired emotional response. In the right hands, it’s a powerful tool. When branding is done right it supports your sales and marketing teams to win.

Explore my creative services


In Consulting — objectivity is a good start, but that alone won’t give you the insights you need to turn data into knowledge. Knowledge into strategy — and strategy into tactics that work. My Consulting is primarily about research, which I turn into data. Using that data, I develop unique strategic solutions customized for each client.

Explore all consulting services

Marketing & Campaigns

If your marketing, advertising, and PR efforts aren’t working together, they’re working against you. The marketing landscape has changed dramatically and with break-neck speed. It’s time for a new way to run the marketing operations of your business—one that’s strategic, tech-savvy, efficient, results-driven, proven.

Take a look at my marketing services

Where to now?

Go ahead and schedule a call with me. As I mentioned, I am not a salesperson. And I love meeting new people–especially those with fascinating challenges.