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Providing true insight.

In Consulting — objectivity is a good start, but objectivity alone won’t give you the insights you need to turn data into knowledge, knowledge into strategy, and strategy into tactics that work.

Any idiot can design you “something.” My process begins with the Discovery phase where I ask a lot of tough questions and hone in on what customer pains your organization relives and how it’s truly, outwardly different than your competition.

That’s how I start any engagement.

For a more in-depth review from which I can gain real insights, I offer Marketing Consulting as a standalone service in addition to my more deliverable-based services. This isn’t a meeting on a whiteboard where we all go away feeling warm and fuzzy but nothing actually changes.

My Consulting is about research, which I turn into data, from which I develop Creative strategic solutions. Once the strategic plan is in place, I go about executing it as efficiently as possible. The result is something that can transform an organization inside-out, and not something contrived by the marketing department.

Consulting services include:

Web Design Consulting
To-Market and Pricing Strategy
Campaign Strategy
Customer Insights and Segmentation & Analysis
Website Speed Consulting
Website Security Consulting & Tone
Marketing and Brand Strategy
Customer Acquisition and Retenftion & Tone

My services are broad — too broad to list them all and WAY too long to read if I did. Learn a little more about the rest of the digital services I specialize in. Feel free to contact me right now to get a proposal.