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Long-tail keywords: Use Regex in Google Search Console

Find Long-tail keywords right in your Google Search Console with the help of Regex. Read on to find out how to do it & improve your rankings.

7 Free Image Websites for Your Next Project

We have all been there-working on the digital content, only to realize midway that you need to find images ASAP. Thanks to the wonderful people all over the internet, and the rise of the open-source community...

15 Best VS Code Extensions in 2021

Overnight, Visual Studio Code became my go-to IDE and one of the most popular code editors on the planet. Mostly due to it's powerfull extensibillity. For this week’s post in digital content tools series I present a list...

Top 7 GatsbyJS SEO Plugins for 2021

In Today’s article, you are gonna learn about the best GatsbyJS plugins for SEO and what each of these plugins does to improve your site’ s performance and SEO, and how you, as a Digital Content Engineer can use this to...

Starting Gatsby Website in Less than 15 Minutes

Welcome to Gatsby (or GatbyJS), a powerful framework for static site generation that leverages GraphQL and React. Gatsby’s popularity is increasing, and more and more people are starting to use it...

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