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How I usually do business.

My process isn’t exactly the same for all the services I offer, but it’s pretty similar. Here’s an overview of my work process for the web design and development work I do. As you’ll see, it’s designed to maximize the quality of the work while minimizing unnecessary iterations.

01. — Discovery

I want to know about you and your company. What problems are you trying to solve? What do you already have in place? Do you have a budget? At the same time, I want you to get to know me and how I work.

02. — Second time

I want to know your clients too. Who are your customers & what will get their attention? What are their pain-points? During this Discovery phase, I listen hard to determine a plan that appeals to your target audience while keeping your brand, identity, and values 100% intact.

03. — Leave me to work

Now, I go away and get to work on a rapid prototype. Clients may not hear from me for a few weeks while I retreat to my cave. When I’m ready, I’ll schedule a meeting to unveil the Living Composition.

04. — The Living Composition

When it’s ready, I unveil the Living Composition. This isn’t a wireframe or even a flat PDF that looks vaguely like a website. This is real code and design that you can pull up on any device or screen. You can interact with it and really get a sense of how it feels and performs.

05. — Super quality control

During the unveiling, I get your at-first-glance reactions. Then, I let clients take some time to review the Living Composition in more detail and provide thoughtful feedback. If I’m on the right track, I’ll continue working on the site while the client takes time reviewing. I am offering unlimited changes — but limited revision rounds, though.

06. — Ready for take-off

Once the final “Go-Live” approval has been given, I begin the migration process from the staging server to the live website. During this process, all links and references to my staging server are programmatically updated to the new. The rest is a perfect copy of the approved web design. Once the process is complete, I re-check everything to ensure top quality and security.

Always. — Support with love

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. All my web work (and most other types of work) comes with 30 days of free support. After those 30 days, clients can purchase ongoing support on a retainer base if they so choose. If not, I’m happy to offer support on an as-needed hourly basis.