Learn more about how I work with you.

My process for a typical project.

Over the years, I have perfected my work process to allow me to go from first meeting to working prototypes & SEO wins faster than most think is possible.

When you hire me, you hire an extended member of your digital marketing team. I work directly with you & the team every step of the way to grow a valuable audience and bullet-proof digital content. My goal as an SEO Specialist is to provide you with the best advice, the best tools, and the most efficient digital strategy unique to your business and its customers.

The goal of this is to grow your organic search traffic and, ultimately, your business.

Whether it’s project work, ad-hoc consultancy, or fully embedded service, my clients always get:

  • Dedicated, one on one consultation
  • Transparent and clear communication
  • Automated performance tracking & reporting
  • Clear Roadmap with task management tracking
  • A focus on valuable and lasting results
  • A “Stop-working” policy (Continue-working anytime)

Part 1: Discovery & Introduction

First, I want to know about you and your company. What problems are you trying to solve? What do you already have in place? At the same time, you to get to know me and how I work. My main goal here is to understand:

  • Your current digital marketing activities
  • Your main competitors
  • What are your growth goals?
  • The challenges you have with boosting your online presence
  • Your approximate budget
  • Your technology stack & legacy tech difficulties
  • Your core team structure & resources

Part 2: Performance auditing

A solid, granular performance audit gives insight and data required to form a solid digital strategy. Extensive audits ensure there are no unpleasant surprises later on.

I conduct over 250+ unique checks to discover accessibility, architectural, content, and UX issues until every corner of your website and user journey is covered.

Here’s a part of the list of things I’ll examine to give you an idea of this phase:

  • Render blocking JavaScript and CSS
  • Robots.txt directives
  • URL Parameters handling
  • Canonical strategy
  • Internal linking strategy
  • Keyword targeting
  • Backlinks profile

I prioritize each issue by severity, the effort to fix it, and overall business impact. All of the problems found are tracked, quantified, and are used to measure performance throughout the campaign.

Part 3: Strategy proposal

Phase 1 & 2 equip me with the insight needed to create a quality strategy. Phase three focuses that insight into a campaign plan.

I’ll allocate your budget more accurately and talk you through phase 1 & 2 findings to help set your expectations for the next six months of delivery. As the strategy develops and we begin to see results, I will continuously develop the direction to maximize the campaign’s strength.

Part 4: Execution & consultancy

In this phase, I will provide you with a timeline for each deliverable from the proposal. I will produce all of the work with plenty of handover support and consultancy to execute recommendations.

As with the deliverables, I will also be monitoring your site as if it is my own with real-time tools, daily and weekly checks, and regular technical refreshing to ensure no new problems are holding us back.

Combining this with automated reporting dashboards and rank-tracking software, you will have total visibility of the site’s health, organic traffic performance, and actual impact on your business.

Part 5: Analyze, develop, scale & celebrate

Sometimes user search intent, competitor growth, and business landscape can all change so, and if you’ve got the best answer to a Google query one year, it may not be the case the following year.

The data obtained following campaign execution provides good insight into bigger and better growth strategies and opportunities. As your firm grows, so should your SEO efforts. In other words, If it’s working, I’ll keep doing it. If not, I’ll find out why and adjust my method.

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